EE 201 Circuits G. Tuttle

Circuits by Gary Tuttle

The pages making up this web site are the (slightly) curated remnants of material that I used for many years when I taught introductory circuits (EE 201) to sophomore-level electrical- and computer-engineering students at Iowa State University, back when I worked for a living. Even though I retired a while back, the class web server that I had used did not, and people continued to access the material stored there. Eventually the old, ISU-hosted web server that I used for many years needed to go away, and I decided to move everything to this new site. I plan to keep it running until nobody visits anymore, or I get bored with the whole endeavor, or I run out of money to pay the server fees.

This site is a compendium of old material and is not an exact duplicate of any particular semester from the past. However, any ISU students who had the misfortune of taking EE 201 with me will immediately recognize the format and the material. (And will probably recoil in horror.)

For my own nefarious purposes, I may, from time to time, update some things or possibly even add new material. Check the "News" link for announcements about any changes.

Enjoy! (If that's possible when studying an engineering topic like electric circuit analysis.)