EE 333 Electronic Systems Design G. Tuttle


Set up your own electronics bench at home.


Some are required, some are optional. Consult with your instructor regarding policies for these "cookbook" labs.

  1. Perf-board soldering lab practice | Supporting info
  2. KiCad layout
  3. Linear regulators | electronic load
  4. Temperature sensors
  5. Photodetectors and LEDs
  6. Switched-mode regulators 1
  7. Switched-mode regulators 2
  8. Surface-mount soldering (subject to change).
  9. Bare-duino
  10. Arduino: Digital I/O, analog input, and PWM.
  11. Arduino: push-button input, LCD, and LED display
  12. Arduino: real-time clock, serial communications
  13. ATtiny
  14. Power output stages
  15. Class D amplifier (maybe)